About Us

What matters to us at Just4Kidz Academy is simple: Your child.

Here, exceptionally strong, sound social and educational foundations are formed. Here, children learn to respect one another. Learn together. Learn to work together. Learn to have fun constructively. And discover how enjoyable learning can be.

Education is not a one-size-fits-all experience. We empower you with early childhood educational options to create the most fitting parth for your child and to ensure they're prepared for elementary school. In every program, and every classroom, we address the specific needs of children based not only on age, but also individual pace of develp[ment. Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that all children reach and master significant milestones and indicators.

Our children are prepared for Kindergarten. Are yours?

Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to become a partner in the growth and development of your child and family. We believe in a concrete, play oriented approach to education that develops curiousity and imagination. We will provide a developmentally appropriate program, stressing child initiated, child directed and adult supported play in a safe and nurturing environment.

VISION: Our goal is to promote physical, social and emotional, creative and cognitive development geared towards the age appropriateness of the group, as well as the individual needs of each child.